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Version 6.7 is the current release.

 "Take the tour" to learn more about this program. You can also download
the manual telling you all about the program if you like.

This program will help you manage/monitor the operations of your TSM backup server(s) in a way you have never seen before.

Get a 30 day evaluation copy from the download page or have a closer look at the functionality and screenshots by " taking the tour ".

PS. : We are looking for resellers , maybe you are interested ?

You are welcome to contact us at if you have questions, comments or problems.

Is it hard to get started ?

Not at all !

                 Download the collector and viewer packages.

                 Install them. (standard install like in all other Windows programs)

                 Start the client and point it at the collector service

                 Define your TSM server

                 Now you are running !

If you are not up and running in 15 minutes, you probably goofed somewhere !

Will it change anything ?

IF for some reason, you do not wish to buy the program after 30 days of trial, just uninstall it (full normal Windows uninstall) and nothing has been changed in your TSM server setup or anywhere else.